Gardening Put Marin

Feeling good in the garden

There is a strong connection between gardening and good notion by a survey in the UK that has it scientifically proved.

Extensive research has shown that as many as 80 percent of those that spent in the garden more than 6 hours per week were satisfied with their lives, and even 93 percent of them believe that working on the land positively affects their mood. Additionally, they were healthier, had fewer chronic diseases, and live longer.

In the UK the gardening increasingly affirmed itself as a therapy for depression. In a pilot study, one group were attributed to anti-depressants, while the second part of the 12-week course in gardening. Positive effects were noticed not only by movement on the fresh air but also, socializing with people.

Gardening also brings a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction because we can see the fruits of hard work very soon.

Contact with nature is comparable with the return to home, likewise nature is our home, it provides us with a sense of security and belonging. We want to be in nature because we are, after all, a part of it. Humans have cultivated the land for 10,000 years, even when we were hunters and collecting fruits alike, we were in contact with nature all the time. It is therefore in our blood.

Gardening can be considered as a form of meditation because we allow our thoughts to wonder,and this calms us down.That is how our mental energy regenerates.In addition gardening yields and develops a sense of presence here and now. When we do some gardening work we focus, we exclude ourselves from everything that is happening around us and don’t bother what awaits us. This enables us once again to be able to see all the beauty of the world in which we live.